1. I don´t know if I ship Delena as hard as I do Dapiness (Damon + Happiness)

    I mean yes, I like them together, but honestly I just can´t take my baby hurting anymore. I would ship Damon with a wall if it brought him true happiness. I shipped him with Katherine (sorta), Caroline, Rose, that news reporter lady, Rebekkah.. heck I´ve even considered Bonnie another good match for him



  2. Anyone else feel bad for Bonnie?

    I mean seriously, usually I don’t mind when she’s not in an episode cause I’m just not that into her character (not that I hate her either), but this past episode actually had me mad for her. 

    She literally was killing herself in helping Elena out so she wouldn’t have to turn into a vampire and this past episode it’s like no one gave (excuse my french) a fuck about her. The only reason Stefan even went to her house was to ask for yet another favor. If they hadn’t brought her in at the end I would’ve seriously been upset for her. But even then when she was talking about her grandma nobody gave acknowledgement to the sacrifice she had to make, all for Elena’s humanity.

    This needs to change; poor girl needs someone to look after her too, she can’t always play problem-solver for everyone!


  3. Dair/Blamon/Klaroline

    I’m bored and I would love it if anyone messaged me links to any good fanfics of the ships mentioned above! I will follow back anyone who helps me out! :)


  4. I already had to watch Damon get his heart completely shattered after Elena’s rejection. If Blair breaks up with Dan it will be the end of me

  5. I don’t ship Daroline as hardcore as my other ships, but I really LOVED this video of them! Plus it had some Klaroline & Datherine so that helped :)

  7. So many people complain about The Vampire Diaries’ “bad” writing, but if you compare it to Gossip Girl’s endless plot holes, TVD is as flawless as ever



  8. Is this weird?

    In Gossip Girl Dan and Blair are supposed to be the “pure, simple love” right? And in The Vampire Diaries, the same can be said about Stefan and Elena; Chuck and Blair/Damon and Elena are the crazy unstable loves.

    So why is it that I find myself rooting for the pure simple love that Dair gives us more than Chair, but in TVD I root for Delena’s Chair-like love more than Stelena’s Dair-like love? Am I contradicting myself here?


  9. Uhmm.. What just happened?

    I just cried my eyes out to Alaric’s death


    …Only to have Bonnie come & awaken his inner demon?


    I don’t know if I should be happy that he’s alive or scared for the lives of everyone else 



  10. I’ve been thinking.. And I think I might actually be Team Switzerland in the whole Delena/Stelena ship war.

    If Delena is endgame it would be awesome, not gonna lie. But then I think of Stelena and I love them so much too. They’re two couples that are both epic in their own beautiful ways and it would hurt me to see either of the brothers heart broken.

    I guess since Stefan became like this emotionless robot at the start of Season 3 it was easier to believe that he wasn’t hurting for Elena; but he was, he loves her afterall. I see their love and it’s so pure and simple and I love it. But then Delena is an intense love, magical in its own way. And I find myself really conflicted in choosing between the two.  It’s like, if Stelena happens, Damon gets chosen over his brother once again and I don’t think I would be able to take his devastated face

    But then again, if Delena happens, I can’t even imagine how Stefan would take it. I mean would he turn into the ripper and then just go crazy again? Or would he step aside and allow his brother the happiness of being with the girl he loves? 

    Either ending is so heart-breaking for one of the brothers,


    so I’ve decided - unless Damon or Stefan find someone that can replace Elena in their hearts - I am Team Switzerland.



  11. That awkward moment when you’ve probably reblogged only about 2 things about Dair the whole day because you’ve been too busy reblogging Delena in 3X19



  12. Hottest.Pair.of.Brothers.Ever.

    Defan + Klelijah


  13. Why does The Vampire Diaries make everyone so damn shippable??

    At this point I ship the following,

    • Elena + Damon (OTP. My endgame ship.)


    • Elena + Stefan (I don’t mind her with him, they’re cute :)

    • Stefan + Katherine (They were eachother’s first loves and they have an understanding. Plus you know if Stefan has someone in the end it won’t make me feel as guilty about Delena)


    • Elena + Elijah (I see it working in an AU)


    • Damon + Rose (She brought out another side of him that we hardly ever get to see..that’s gotta tell you something about the power of their relationship)


    • Damon + Rebekah (They’re funny & hot & if Elena can’t make up her mind, he might as well have someone to keep him company in the mean time)


    • Rebekah + Matt (He really just needs someone to be there for him and so does she = perfect)


    • Matt + Elena (Because if they dated once, they can do it again. Plus their scenes together always tug at my heart <3)


    • Matt + Caroline (So much unresolved chemistry left between these 2!)


    • Matt + Anyone (I just really want him to be happy already and stop looking so tortured every episode)


    • Caroline + Klaus (Because why not? Their scenes make my heart skip a beat)


    • Caroline + Tyler (I tried not to like them because of my loyalty to Matt, but they’re infectious)

    • Tyler + Rebekah (Let’s face it, they’d be HOT)


    • Caroline + Stefan (They would actually be really good together)


    • Bonnie + Jeremy (…But then they just died out for me)


    • Jeremy + Anna (Can’t we bring her back somehow?)


    • Bonnie + Luka (They would’ve been so cute together!)

    Bonnie and Luka 

    • Bonnie + Jamie (Am I the only who feels it?)


    • Bonnie + Matt (YOLO)


  14. Matt + happiness = OTP Endgame Ship