This is in no way is meant to offend anyone,

But I just think it’s sad when a supposed “fan” of Gossip Girl only chooses to like it when everything is “going good” according to them and their favorite ship.

You can’t choose when to like a show.

Well I mean you can but then what’s the point?

Being a real fan is accepting the show for what it is and respecting the writers. Obviously if they could make you fall in love with the characters in the first place, they know their shit pretty well. (Excuse my french). Now I’m not saying you can’t critique and express what you thought was wrong about an episode, but I think it’s so damn childish when I see people put up posts like,

"I am boycotting the show. Dair/Chair/Derena/Etc makes me sick."

& then like 3 weeks later when they get some interaction from their favorite couple and all is well again and they start watching again. Of course until something new comes along that they don’t like and they decide to huff & puff some more.


That is just so stupid to me. Like seriously, either watch the show and suck it up when things aren’t going your way and try to appreciate what the producer/writer’s are doing OR stop watching it all together. If you hate the new plot lines so much then stop watching the show and go read fanfics the rest of your life and never look back.


Stop filling the Gossip Girl dashboard with so much hate.

Love it or Leave it. Simple as that.

I’ve been thinking.. And I think I might actually be Team Switzerland in the whole Delena/Stelena ship war.

If Delena is endgame it would be awesome, not gonna lie. But then I think of Stelena and I love them so much too. They’re two couples that are both epic in their own beautiful ways and it would hurt me to see either of the brothers heart broken.

I guess since Stefan became like this emotionless robot at the start of Season 3 it was easier to believe that he wasn’t hurting for Elena; but he was, he loves her afterall. I see their love and it’s so pure and simple and I love it. But then Delena is an intense love, magical in its own way. And I find myself really conflicted in choosing between the two.  It’s like, if Stelena happens, Damon gets chosen over his brother once again and I don’t think I would be able to take his devastated face


But then again, if Delena happens, I can’t even imagine how Stefan would take it. I mean would he turn into the ripper and then just go crazy again? Or would he step aside and allow his brother the happiness of being with the girl he loves? 

Either ending is so heart-breaking for one of the brothers,


so I’ve decided - unless Damon or Stefan find someone that can replace Elena in their hearts - I am Team Switzerland.




Enough is enough.

I usually don’t like ranting and getting into this whole ship wars mess, but this is just getting ridiculous. I hate how some people only like the show when it’s going their way, but the second something new is introduced that they don’t like they automatically go on strike until their favorite couple it reunited.


In other words, we don’t get to control what happens and think that if we pout && puff enough the writers will somehow get intimidated by all your threats and make the show work to fit your needs.




The writers are gonna script what they think is best for the characters, cause guess what? The same writers who are writing all this “Dair crap” also wrote your precious Derena and Chair moments as well. They also know those characters way better than we think we do and they’re not gonna ruin them purposely. People change and evolve, and as we’ve been seeing lately, so do the characters on this show and their feelings && relationships with each other.

Now I’m not trying to attack the whole Chair and Derena fandoms because I know that there are still some people on here who can act like mature human beings and accept what’s happening. Just like in the Dair ship there are some people who go over board when things don’t go their way, we have our respectful ones too. We all have our angry/upset moments, but honestly, if we’re all such big Gossip Girl fans like we claim to be then we won’t boycott the show the second we don’t like what we see on the screen. Cause that’s not only hurting the show && the writers, but it’s also ruining the chance of your couple being reunited again if the show can’t be picked up for another season because of such bad ratings.

Just sayin’

You guys don’t have to read this, and I’m not if this will make any difference at all, but I just had to get this off my chest.

Let’s not define ourselves as only Dair/Chair/Derena shippers, but also as Gossip Girl shippers who appreciate the show and all the good moments we’ve had along the way.

That is all.