So I just finished the second episode of Mexican Gossip Girl and it’s not even funny how many Chair/Derena feelings I’m getting right now. Because I’ll be honest, post Chuck selling Blair for a hotel, and the tiring and endless back and forth cycle between Serena and Dan, I shipped them so damn hard. And now, seeing them together again, even if it is in a different version, it brings back major ex OTP feels. I have a feeling that the Mexican writers won’t let Mexican Chair be ruined to the extent that Savage did either, so that also makes me hopeful. So sorry in advance for any Mexican Chair spamming I may do in the next couple of days. (Why do I feel like I’m cheating on Dan and Blair?) As for Mexican Derena, we’ll see about the success on that one. And I guess some things never change, because Mexican Dan stole my heart by the end of the first episode. American Dan would be proud, he’s like a little Mexican protege :’)

Overall, not too bad though. I even caught myself laughing out loud a couple of times. I will say this though, if you don’t speak Spanish, but especially understand Mexican lingo, it may not be as enjoyable for you. I’m Mexican so I got the jokes, but some of them would be hard to translate for the subtitles. So for those people who are watching it with subtitles, I can’t say you’ll get to appreciate the full Mexican spin-off experience to it :/

But I’m not saying to give up on giving it a try altogether either, you could end up loving it :) So far I’m not hating it!

Just finished reading “Sever” and - I can’t


First thing’s first: MY BABY LINDEN.

Dystopian books always make me nervous because I always know there’s going to be at least one death that will blow you away and leave you speechless. Of course the final book to the Chemical Garden Trilogy didn’t disappoint.

Linden dying was so unexpected and out of nowhere and I honestly didn’t even know how to handle it. From the beginning I loved his gentle, naive spirit and while I feel DeStefano wanted us to immediately fall for Gabriel from the beginning, for me it was the opposite - I fell for Linden with every passing page. He was so pure and innocent and the way his world fell apart in front of his eyes time after time, and yet he still didn’t get a happy ending? Yeah, it was painful to say the least. But nevertheless, I thought DeStefano did a really good job at wrapping up the series in a realistic manner. Aside from Linden dying (and breaking my heart in the process), I really thought this was an amazing trilogy and leaves the story on a somewhat hopeful note, unlike most futuristic books these days, and I appreciated that.

At the end of the day I came to love Gabriel and could find myself being happy that Rhine found happiness with him. But nothing can convince me that she didn’t love Linden too. It was what his life and his father represented for her that I think made it hard for her to ever really accept that she could have a future with him. *crying for the OTP that never really was, or will be again*

(BTW is there even a fandom for this couple, or even these books. Cause if so I wanna be apart of it :)

Back on subject, I was also glad to see Rhine reunited with her brother and finding a father-like figure in Reed to be there for her and her family when everything came undone after Vaughn’s death. I don’t think I’ve ever felt more confused about a character as I’ve felt about this guy btw. The first two books I hated/feared Vaughn as much as Rhine. But then when I got to read his backstory in the third book it opens up this vulnerable side to him and then when Linden dies I just felt so bad for him because all his efforts were for nothing, and even he wasn’t able to save his own son. And while most of the time I found myself annoyed by Cecily, at the end of the series I found myself hurting for her the most. She was so young when it all started and she never even had the choice to grow up, she was forced to. And she lost Linden, the only person outside of Rhine who I felt like she could really love, and it was just depressing after she lost Jenna and her second unborn child too.

Which brings me to a subject that I need to address before this rant is over. I’ve seen people complain about the some of the things that go on in the book (i.e. Cecily being so young when she got married and how they portrayed it as ok for her to be having sex and it was like rape). THE BOOK IS A FICTIONAL BOOK PEOPLE, A DYSTOPIAN ONE NONE THE LESS. Yes it’s disturbing in a society like ours because there’s no way we could ever see that as ok. But the whole point of these futuristic books is to show us how ugly humanity could be if certain things, like limiting the life span for example, happened. So people need to stop criticizing the book because of that. DeStefano obviously knows it’s something wrong, there’s signs of that everywhere in her books. She’s not promoting it in any way so stop implying that, please, it’s ridiculous.

ANYWAY. So yeah, pretty sad material. But I mean I know when I start a new dystopian book that I’m going to have to brace myself for heartbreak, it just never hurts any less I guess. Overall though, amazing book, amazing plot if you love dystopian books. Definitely recommend it!

Justin Bieber: I just have to get this off my chest

I’m not exactly what you call a “Belieber” groupie or whatever, but you gotta give it to the kid, he can sing. So I thought it was really disrespectful that he got booed off stage. He got the award because of his voice, not his sparkling personality. People need to realize that and stop being butt hurt just because their favorite singer didn’t win. And I know he’s not the first celebrity to have this happen to them, but he’s so young. It sucks that he’s getting so much backlash for nothing. Give him a break. He’s 19 and worked hard for this. He may have his moments, but he’s young, that’s what it’s all about - being stupid and careless. Give him a few years before you start judging him. ESPECIALLY when you know nothing about him except what the media portrays of him.

I’ve never been so happy to be wrong

I honestly thought they were going to kill Aiden and have Emily’s feelings for Jack come back and then it would’ve been the Emily/Jack/Amanda love triangle all over again. But of course, the writers of this show are freaking brilliant and used the promo for this episode to their advantage in confusing us all and making us think something was going to happen, when in fact none of my predictions were even close.

  • Aiden + Emily = Perfection. I love them so much together and the fact that their relationship has so much depth and beauty to it and it’s only been like 8 episodes since Aiden’s joined the Revenge family says just how much of a couple they are. I truly believe they are meant for each other. They know everything about each other and hold nothing back when it comes to their agendas, even weakness. That, ladies and gentleman, is a real relationship. Plus Nolan’s finally warming up to them being together and that is my perfect threesome right there <3
  • I’ve always felt conflicted for my feelings for Jack, but I’ve always liked him nonetheless. and right now I’m really loving him + Amanda. At first I seriously hated her character for making Emily’s life complicated, but now Amanda’s one of my favorite characters too and her and Jack have something special. I was all for Jamily in the early beginning, but then Damily happened and I died, so my feelings for Jamily went down a bit (some of it’s still there though).

Sidenote: Honestly I find Emily so shippable with every freaking guy on the show, I almost feel like I would ship Emily with Conrad if they writers played their cards right. 

But Jack and Amanda have such a easy love going for them, something they both need in their lives with their little precious baby Carl, I almost find it hard in imagining Jamily happening ever again with Emily and her endless revenge agenda. I’m also starting to think Jack’s gonna be the one dying in the finale because of his dad and the evil brothers now, and that makes me sad. And I feel horrible for even thinking it, but please make it be Declan instead! Charlotte will survive, I assure you. 

  • Ashley finally got some cold water thrown her way. Good riddance too. I don’t know what it is, but I’ve always been rubbed the wrong way by her. 
  • I honestly used to hate Conrad + Victoria. Crazy right? Now I’m warming up to them a lot more and I am going to die when Victoria and Emily team up. Shit will go down.
  • DAMILY. My God my shipper heart almost burst when Daniel was getting jealous of Aimily (He looked so hott) & then when he was smiling of his pictures with her on his laptop and Dawww :’) AND THEN THE PROMO HAPPENED AND I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO FEEL. I literally feel so conflicted with my shipping feels. I mean obviously Daniel is going down a dark road that will make it harder for Emily to fall back in love with him since it’s only proving her right about him becoming just like his father, but they were so beautiful season one… I almost wish Daniel would’ve stayed naive and innocent so Emily would’ve not had to break the engagement… But now I have Aiden. And him and Emily just share too much magic on screen. Ultimately I know the Damily’s kiss will not be real. And Aimily will only become stronger as the season progresses.

So obviously I have way too many feelings for this show. But I had to let them out.

God I am so glad I stumbled upon this show and it’s epicness :)

I love Stefan and Caroline, I really do.

But this episode had me really annoyed by them.

I mean, yes, I understand, Damon has had his reckless moments and Stefan and Caroline are just looking out for Elena so she doesn’t get hurt by him. But the way Caroline kept going on about how, and I quote “Ugh” Damon was, it just pissed me off. Now I’m not here to talk about how much of a saint Damon is, cause he’s not, but hey, he sure as hell has tried to change. He is not the guy we met in the pilot 4 years ago and Stefan and Caroline know it. So why are they still making him out to be the worst person out there?? The whole episode it took all I had in me not to scream at my TV screen at how stupid these two were acting. All that came out of Caroline’s mouth was how “epic” Stelena’s love was and how they were soul mates and totally meant to be. And you know what? They just might be endgame, but for now the reality is, Elena has feelings for Damon - sire bond or not, they’ve been there long before she ever turned. So unless a new excuse as to why Delena can’t happen (besides this bs about the sire bond clouding up Elena’s head), Caroline can stfu. And again, no offense to anyone, I LOVE Caroline and I understand why she’s so against Damon, but the way she isn’t acknowledging his change just stinks.

On to Stefan. Stefan. My golden boy. Seriously, the guy can do no wrong. Even when he was in his ripper stage I rooted for him. Because up until this episode, he just seemed so perfect to me. Where Damon has flaws and expresses his dark side openly, Stefan has always been the lighter, sweeter one of the two. But tonight, man, I don’t even know what to say. I feel like the whole episode he was acting on pure selfishness. I mean he freaking basically forced Jeremy to kill another vampire for crying out loud! With knowing the side affects that this was going to have on Jeremy, he didn’t care. Because all he seems to be focused on is “fixing Elena” and getting her back. And I understand he’s heart broken, I get that he’s hurting. But sacrificing my poor baby Jeremy’s sanity in order to get his old girlfriend back is a new low for Stefan. And can I just take a minute to mention how much of a jerk he was being to Damon? I mean yes, we all know he’s the main reason him & Elena broke up, but your brother’s actually trying to be there for you, don’t push him away and be mad. He can’t help what he feels man.

Ugh I don’t know. It’s just really frustrating because I love everyone (except that shady Professor and Hayley), so it sucks when people are against my OTP for reasons, imo, that just aren’t important enough for these two not to be together.

We shall see what happens next ep.

But I don’t wanna end on a negative note. So I’m just gonna fangirl for a minute about how beautiful Klaroline was :’) Given, the chemistry was definitely different this ep, but hey I ain’t complaining.

Caroline and Klaus were talking.

And laughing.

Like old friends. 

All differences aside.

It was beautiful.

The end.

The Writers Have Officially Crossed the Line

It’s one thing to try to make Chuck into a better man, and then have Dan explore his dark side a little, but to make Dan come off looking like the devil’s spawn, all so that Chuck can get away with being called the good guy is some serious BULLSHIT.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m pro Chuck & all for giving him a clean slate and a chance to prove himself again, but why is it that once Dan does one bad thing (from his past too) & suddenly that one mistake is ten times worse than anything Chuck ever did in the past? Last I checked, Nate & Chuck cheated on Blair too & they didn’t get half the crap that Dan’s gotten. And that’s not including the fact that Blair was already moving on from her relationship with him anyway, without even rightfully breaking up with him face-to-face mind you. If anything, why isn’t Blair getting some kind of blame for the way things ended between them? Shouldn’t she have at least tried to be an adult and been honest with Dan from the beginning about her unresolved feelings for Chuck & avoided this mess altogether? And now that we’re on this streak of the blame game, shouldn’t Chuck still be scorching under the fury of Blair after all that he’s done to her? I mean seriously, this whole season has been call-out all the bad things Dan’s ever done & turn them into something more detestable than what Chuck, the former playboy, attempted rapist, girlfriend selling pothead ever did.

Sure the mega Chuck fans are basking in the idea that their character is now considered the perfect guy again, but it’s not fair to Dan & it’s not fair to his fans that Chuck can get (multiple) second chances & Dan can be damned.

& if this bs about Chuck claiming Dan has no soul is true, that would be the most ironic pot-calling-the-kettle line of the century. They’ve both made mistakes, but Chuck has no room to be calling anyone else on their own after his past.

I can’t believe there was ever a day that I actually believed the writers were going to redeem themselves this season

I know Dan and Serena have gone down some crazy roads together (& apart), but at the end of the day their scenes together made me smile

This whole show has turned to shit and the only people I can find myself rooting for anymore are these two. And Nate, Georgina and Dorota

Anything is better than seeing Dan pine anymore for Blair. And although I liked Steven and Serena together, if they aren’t getting back together, Dan and Serena might as well. Because as much as I hate to say it, Serenate is dead. The writers didn’t give two fucks about them and totally forgot they even existed. So any hope of them getting back together would be stupid. Just like Dan and Blair. Because even if they did somehow end up together, it wouldn’t be the same. They’re not the same couple we fell in love with in Season 5. Plus of course we have those lovely set pictures of the weddings to remind us all of our lovely writers attempts at happy fairytale endings.

& yes, the progression for the Derena reunion seems rushed and I honestly never thought I could ship together again (since they share a siblings and all, plus they haven’t exactly been the nicest to each other), but FUCK IT. They used to be my OTP, and judging from the scenes, they still have the chemistry. And because at the end of the day, they aren’t as damaged as Chair and I would rather see them together than Chuck and Blair.

Rantings of a Broken-Hearted Shipper

This isn’t the first time a ship of mine has tanked. I went through the Brucas breakup and although it was painful, I could handle it a lot better than I am handling this. The thing with Dan and Blair’s breakup that’s killing me the most, contrary to popular belief, is not because they aren’t together. Given, I wish they had had a longer run and we could’ve watched their love story unfold in a deeper sense.What hurts me more is the way it ended. We as Dair fans got no closure.

With Brooke and Lucas’ breakup (even thought I don’t agree completely with the reasons for it), we got the breakup scene, their own closure, and we even got to see Brooke give Lucas her approval to go back to Peyton and she was able to move on with someone new too. These events are so crucial for us to be able to let go of a couple, and the Gossip Girl writers deprived us of that. As if their end wasn’t bad enough, now Blair and Dan aren’t even interacting in these new episodes like a couple that once shared special moments together- they’re completely “moving on” and not even giving their past a second glance. How are we expected to fully move on when we don’t get just ONE scene that allows us to face the end of them? Would it be too much for the writers give us at least that??

I guess that’s why I’m still watching the show until it ends - because I want to believe that sometime during the craziness that is Gossip Girl, we will get the closure that we need. The writers can somewhat redeem themselves (imo), so if they don’t take this chance to make things right(ish) with the Dair fans, I will seriously be upset. 

Sidenote: I don’t think any words could do justice to express how I feel about the newly surfaced Chair/Derena wedding pictures, so before I start on a whole new piece of work -

*Rant over*

Rivy + Chair aside, I actually laughed a couple of times:

Dan + Georgina were good together, I’ve always had a soft spot for them - (Possible new OTP?) Anyway, when the gang got together I thought they just got funnier. Blair + Georgina’s hate relationship was entertaining to watch, and Nate is never bad for the eyes, as useless as he may be. The Dair scene of course was the show-stealer. Words cannot express how on point that scene was! I just wish Dan wasn’t so obvious about his feelings for Blair :( I felt so much for him, but it felt amazing knowing Blair was speechless after Dan told her his thoughts ;)

Rufus and Ivy was just plain gross! But I guess if it shuts stupid Lily up, then it’s not all bad. Seriously though, she (Lily) was so annoying the whole episode. I literally got mad every time she appeared on my screen. And Chair was just as irritating. I’m tired of seeing the same sl being replayed over & over with them! There’s just no going back to them imo…

And don’t even get me started on Blair actually being hurt by Serena not wanting to go back to NYC! I mean who can blame the girl? Didn’t everyone actually ask her to leave their lives?! I actually felt bad for Serena (even though she did purposely try to break up Dair). I’m actually rooting for Serena to end up with someone like Barry Watson’s character, too much has happened for her to end up with Dan or Nate and for it to make sense. Then again, now that I think about it, GG Writers haven’t exactly been known for going for the story lines that make any sense at all

And Nate FINALLY gets somewhat of his own sl? Can anyone say yay? :)

So overall, it wasn’t as painful as I thought I guess. One bandaid ripped off though..9 episodes to go!

I just finished Mockingjay.

I am sad. The ending feels so open-ended it hurts. I love Katniss & Peeta together, but couldn’t there have been a little more closure for her & Gale? Or at least an epilogue for HIS happiness? And Haymitch…poor guy. Ugh overall the ending just has me in a funk. There was so much death I literally didn’t know how to take it all in emotionally.

One girl online described it perfectly when she said,
“For a series about a character rising above such terrible circumstances and becoming a symbol of hope for an entire country, ending on such a hopeless note was a terrible move on the author’s part. Katniss has no real future, and because she’s the eyes and ears of the reader, it’s so difficult to really see beyond her depression and despair. We should have seen more about the hopeful futures of other characters in the book rather than be stuck with only Katniss’s soul-sucking point of view. When Prim died, so did Katniss, at least on the inside, and after that happened, she became a shell of her former self that the reader has a more difficult time relating to.. Everything about the book after Prim dies is hopeless, and like I said, after reading a series about this girl catching fire and being the symbol of hope for Panem, it was extremely difficult to reconcile the ending with the rest of it.”

Realistically speaking, I understand why the characters were altered so much after everything, but a little bit more of Katniss & everyone else actually being happy later down the road would’ve been nice.

I can’t even imagine how much of a wreck I’m going to be when the movies come out…….. :/

The 5 Stages of Grief After Losing Dair: I’m on Anger right now - That’s some kind of progress right?

  1. Denial 


I’m sort of past this stage at this point. I mean it happened right? Nothing I can do about it now but mourn with my fellow Dairlings


     2. Anger

I will try to keep things as civil as possible..But I can’t promise anything.




   3. Bargaining


This is my last strand of hope. And even then I hate myself for even letting myself fall into the trap of the writers. This is the last hold they have on us and they know it.


   4. Depression

I won’t even able to look forward to the series finale this fall. I guess I’ll be in this stage every time I’m reminded about the season ending and what I have to look forward to when the show returns. 


   5. Acceptance

I cannot wait til this show is over and I will finally be free of it. (Even though I don’t think I will ever fully accept what happened) I refuse to stop watching it now only because my OTP didn’t end up together.  Plus I owe it to Dorota & Nate - they need some kind of support after living with all these OOC people


I’m still hoping the writers have a reason for all this craziness - A logical explanation to all of it that can help us all understand why they thought that what they did made any type of sense at all. Something along the lines of “growing up,” right Safran?


I’m sticking it out to the end.

Because I have watched this show since it began and I will put all my hope in believing that they will make an epic comeback next season and get every character the closure they need. I haven’t watched the “epic” season finale yet but from what I’ve seen on here things get pretty crazy. I will watch the episode to get my own conclusions from it and try to remind myself how I fell in love with this show to begin with. Because to me what’s upsetting me is not just because Chuck and Blair got back together and Dan got his heartbroken and decided to cheat on Blair with Serena without any confirmation whatsoever about what was really happening, but also what they’ve done to the other characters and their storylines. Everything seems so illogical and badly written to me now. I don’t know - I really really REALLY hope I’m wrong, I honestly do. And I hope that when I’m finished with the episode I can come back on here and come to terms to what has happened.

Well that’s it for now. Wish me luck guys, I’m going in 


All these previews…

I’m seriously upset. Not just because Blair is as indecisive and as confusing as ever and she obviously doesn’t know what she wants, but because the finale has basically been ruined for me. There is no more element of surprise anymore! I feel like I just watched the whole finale winded down into a nutshell. I’m not even excited anymore. And even if there is some kind of logical explanation for all this (even though I doubt it), I feel like if I’m rooting for either Dair or Chair this episode, I will be left disappointed.


Basically Blair is gonna spend the whole episode trying to convince herself and everyone else that she’s over Chuck, but she’s not. And she basically forced whatever feelings she had for Dan and making us all believe she actually had love for Dan



The writers used Dair as just an endgame obstacle, and that actually makes me really sad after all the buildup they had for them.


And then when she finally does acknowledge her feelings Chuck turns her down. For once in all of GG history, I am not on Blair’s side. I am team Duck all the way. Chuck and Dan both standing up for themselves would be about the only good thing about this finale. I want them to be like,


At least until she makes her decision.

Honestly, it’s not only the best for them, but for her too. She needs to make her mind up for good this time. And Dan and Chuck deserve some time away from her too. Maybe they could all even move on? Because this triangle isn’t even about who belongs together anymore, it’s about Blair returning back to Chuck every single time and not even caring about the consequences it will bring to anyone and who she drags along as she goes. I’m glad Chuck is finally being realistic about their relationship and Dan is standing up to her. At this point, if Blair chooses Dan it will be by default and I don’t want Dair to happen that way. And I don’t even know if I want Chair to reunite either. I just want Blair to stay alone until she makes up her freaking mind already.

And stop messing with my boy’s hearts. 



The only way I could see myself remotely happy with a Dair breakup and/or a Chair reunion:

If Blair runs straight into Chuck’s arms after breaking up with Dan I will be beyond upset.

I will understand if Blair tells Dan that maybe she doesn’t know what she feels for him, or Chuck for that matter, so she takes time off from both relationships in order to “figure things out.” Quite honestly I’d prefer that than her stringing Dan along. I figure she can end the season finale boyfriendless and spends the whole summer finding herself again before rushing into anything.

I want Dan and Blair together, but they need some time apart. She just needs to work on finding herself and situating her feelings first. I’d be beyond sad if Dair ended after such a short run though. But if the show is inevitably gonna end with Chair, I’d rather just have Dan and Blair breakup now instead of using Dan as just an obstacle with no hope for them (Dair) in the future. Even though honestly, it would be like wasted potential on the 2. Chuck and Blair had 5 seasons basically to shine, and for the most part? They just crashed and burned. I honestly thought Dan and Blair would’ve been given a real shot before Blair had to make such a drastic decision.

That being said, Dair is my OTP, but if Chair happens the right way, I won’t be upset either. (As long as Dan isn’t left moping around for her like some pathetic loser - Hopefully his writing career can take off and help him survive the breakup). It’s gonna take a lot more than 2 episodes of scheming together to make things right again for them  though, in my opinion. If her and Chuck do get back together again, it has to be in a timely fashion where it makes sense and they’ve both had time to grow.

And if Dair is endgame, the writers seriously need to give Chuck a new (lasting) love-interest. It’s ridiculous how Eva has been the only one even remotely close to making Chuck truly happy after all these seasons. Bring her back or bring on the Chivy romance! (A girl can be hopeful right?)

Either way, whatever goes down, I refuse to stop watching the show, even if things don’t go my way. I’ve been there since Season 1 and I sure as hell am not gonna let anything stop me from being there during the series finale.

This is in no way is meant to offend anyone,

But I just think it’s sad when a supposed “fan” of Gossip Girl only chooses to like it when everything is “going good” according to them and their favorite ship.

You can’t choose when to like a show.

Well I mean you can but then what’s the point?

Being a real fan is accepting the show for what it is and respecting the writers. Obviously if they could make you fall in love with the characters in the first place, they know their shit pretty well. (Excuse my french). Now I’m not saying you can’t critique and express what you thought was wrong about an episode, but I think it’s so damn childish when I see people put up posts like,

"I am boycotting the show. Dair/Chair/Derena/Etc makes me sick."

& then like 3 weeks later when they get some interaction from their favorite couple and all is well again and they start watching again. Of course until something new comes along that they don’t like and they decide to huff & puff some more.


That is just so stupid to me. Like seriously, either watch the show and suck it up when things aren’t going your way and try to appreciate what the producer/writer’s are doing OR stop watching it all together. If you hate the new plot lines so much then stop watching the show and go read fanfics the rest of your life and never look back.


Stop filling the Gossip Girl dashboard with so much hate.

Love it or Leave it. Simple as that.