So I’m watching Dawson’s Creek on Netflix because I never really watched it when I was younger and I used to think that when I watched it officially Dawson and Joey would be my OTP and Joey and Pacey would be close second runnerups. But now that I’m watching it I’ve realized that Andy and Pacey have beat them to that. I mean I’m only on season 2 and I know there’s still gonna be the whole Joey/Pacey/Dawson thing that’s gonna go down, but so far my favorite couple is definitely Pacey and Andy. Oh and also I can’t tell if I’m annoyed by Jen or if I pity her… does anyone else have that problem?

But yeah, staying off the tag for now until I’m done, just had to vent my feelings somewhere since everyone that I’ve told I’m watching this thinks I’m weird for wanting to watch a show so old but really, it’s them that’s missing out. They don’t make good, wholesome shows like this anymore, I just really feel like they don’t. The 90s shows actually left you with a lesson to think about at the end of each episode. Now a’days the best shows can do is try to reel people in with lots of sex and superficial problems. Sad, but the truth

Thoughts on TVD season finale:

First of all I’m just gonna get it off my chest.


Ok, ahem, back to business.

Jeremy is baaaack! I’m so happy for him and Elena. If any of the goodbyes would’ve moved me to tears it would’ve been that one. Even though all of them were pretty depressing to be honest. I mean that Beremy goodbye one was a real tear-jerker. Even though I’m not that sad because we all know Plec’s gonna bring her back next season.

And Katherine got the cure?? WTF Elena. After this whole freaking season was centered around finding the cure for her, she gives it to the person that wanted it the least. But I’m not gonna lie, it’s going to be interesting watching Katherine be human.

Not so interesting? Stefan getting shoved into the bottom of a lake. Like WTF. Poor guy, all he wanted to do was get away and start over. I just really hope we don’t go back to Ripper Stefan. Cause as much as I love his sassiness, I’m so over that storyline. Can we give him a real story that doesn’t revolve around Elena, now that she basically let him go or whatever? Do something with him! Matter of fact, get creative with everyone Plec! That’s one thing I will address: This whole town revolves around Elena. Next season I wanna see them all having lives outside of her little bubble, even Damon. The Elena show ended when she became a vampire and could fend for herself, let’s keep it that way.

Another thing that I’m actually really upset about is that we’re not gonna get to see Mabekah have their summer fling. It was so endearing seeing Rebekah’s face light up when Matt accepted her proposition. I would’ve liked to see Matt finally starting to get closer to feeling what Rebekah feels for him. But I guess we won’t get to see that because you know, The Originals and all.

Which brings me to my last, but certainly not least, final point.


For those of us who ship them, it was like the best and worst thing to happen to us. The best because of obvious reasons. I loved everything about Klaus coming in and being the hero and Caroline just looking on in awe. And how confident he sounded when he said he was going to be her last love! God I don’t know how Caroline held it together! I would’ve been all up on that! Ugh it was just so beautiful and it was just a taste of what we could’ve had if we have more time. And it’s the worst thing that happened to us because now we’re going to have to suffer through seeing them apart because The Oringinals and am I the only one holding Julie up to her word about them coming back into eachother’s lives some day?

Overall, admitadly, this hasn’t been TVD’s best season, it’s had its ups and downs like any TV show, but I just don’t think I could ever hate on this show. Because nothing compares to Gossip Girl and Stephanie Savage. NOTHING. It just makes everything else shine in comparison.

So cheers Plec, I thought this episode was pretty good.

And cheers to the fandom for sticking through it. Here’s to a 5 month hiatus :/

I guess the reason I can’t really see the comparisons between Dair & Steroline is because where Caroline has helped build Stefan up at his lowest, just like he did her, all Blair did was put Dan down pre-dating. Steroline is more of an mutual respect kind if friendship, whereas Dair had it’s rough patches before Blair really considered Dan to being even remotely close to her “high-standing.”

Not trying to start an argument or anything, just my thoughts

Bored = TV Ship Challenge

Select your 5 ships, in no particular order, before answering the questions

  1. Dair
  2. Delena
  3. Klaroline
  4. Olitz
  5. Aimily

1. Do you remember the episode/scene/chapter that you first started shipping 5?

It had to have been when Emily walked into her house at the end of episode 2X04 and she was still shaken up with her mom situation and Aiden was waiting for her and he just knew she was hurting. And the first thing he did was walk over to her and try to hug her. And she tried to push him away instinctively, but he just held on tighter until she finally just collapsed. It was such a raw scene for Emily to let her guard down like that and it just shows how much depth they have as a couple.

2. Have you ever read a FanFiction about 2?

OF COURSE. It was seriously the only way I could get to see Elena finally confessing her feelings for Damon. Now that they’ve actually started sorta acting like a couple on the show it won’t be as necessary anymore though ;)

3. Has a picture of 4 ever been your screen saver/profile picture/tumblr?

No. Only because they’re a newfound OTP of mine and I’ve been more invested in Ships 1 & 2 lately. But they’re becoming more of a priority lately :)

4. If 3 were to suddenly break-up today, what would your reaction be

Haha I’m still waiting for them to be a couple! TVD doesn’t do sudden breakups though, so I’m sure (if one day we were so luck to have a Klaroline relationship), the breakup wouldn’t be out of nowhere.

5. Why is 1 so important?

Aren’t these questions supposed to be short and to the point? Ughh.. Dair is the first ship that I’ve shipped hardcore and will therefore forever hold a special place in my heart (even though their relationship has been burned to the ground). They are important for too many reasons, but the biggest one for me is the fact that they were such a breath of fresh air to the usual pairings that Gossip Girl did. It actually felt like an entirely different show when they were together. And the writers had an opportunity to do amazing things with there two. But they chose not to. And that’s another reason why they’re important - they were never given a real chance to bloom. And it hurts like hell.

6. Is 4 a funny ship or a serious ship?

They can have their funny moments, but they’re rare. They’re more of the angsty, penetrating stares type of couple. But I love them for it. And they make it work without it being boring.

7. Out of all of the ships listed, which ship has the most chemistry?

Oh gosh. They all have some crazy chemistry! If I had to pick just one though… Delena. I blame Damon and those eyes.

8. Out of all of your ships listed, which ship has the strongest bond?

Ha “bond”. Well delena has that whole sire-bond thing going on right now if that counts for something. But I think Aimily’s the one with the deepest connection considering their pasts and how they understand each other so well that not many people know them as well as they know each other.

9. How many times have you read/watched 2’s fandom?

haha way too many times to remember!

10. Which ship has lasted the longest?

Well I always tend to fall for the couples that have crazy amazing chemistry, but go seasons before discovering each other and being together and spend more time apart than together, and what do you know all of the above have not had very long track records.  As an official couple though, Olitz has lasted the longest. Sharing-feelings-but-not-acting-on-them wise, Delena ties with Olitz.

11. How many times, if ever, has 1 broken up?

Once. And they never got back together. And I never got over it.

12. If the world was suddenly thrust into a zombie apocalypse, which ship would make it out alive, 2 or 3?

Bahaha I love how all the vampires are options for this question. Klaus definitely has an advantage considering he’s a hybrid though. Plus no offense to Elena, but Caroline would definitely kick her ass in a fight.

13. Did 5 ever have to hide their relationship for any reason?

Not yet. But I think it’s gonna happen in the second half of the season when Emily tries to get closer into Grayson Corporations, hence the clip of her kissing Daniel again.

14. Is 4 still together?

They’re together, but they’re not. Olitz will never be over

15. Is 2 canon?

We’re getting there :D

16. If all 5 ships were put into a couple’s Hunger Games, which couple would win?

Again, Klaus is a hybrid… sorta rules out any other option.

17. Has anybody ever tried to sabotage 5’s ship?

Yeah, seems that Daniel’s heading that way :/

18. Which ship would you defend to the death and beyond?

Dair. Just because I have become so emotionally attached to this pair that everything is Dair and everything hurts, yet I regret nothing.

19. Do you spend hours a day going through 3’s tumblr page?

It depends. If I’ve had some good Klaroline interaction during a TVD episode, then yes, I will be on there for awhile. Or sometimes all I need is a good rant/gif to put me in the mood :)

20. If an evil witch descended from the sky and told you that you had to pick one of the 5 ships to break up forever or else shed break them all forever, which ship would you sink?

Seriously?! Ughhh..Well I don’t need an evil witch to make me choose, the Gossip Girl writers have self handedly destroyed Dair on their own. So I guess they get the vote. But if they were still canon, then I’d have to say Klaroline. ONLY BECAUSE they haven’t become officially canon yet, so I don’t have any memories that would hurt me to let go of if I chose them. All the other couples are/have been canon and they’ve stolen my heart

I’ve never been so happy to be wrong

I honestly thought they were going to kill Aiden and have Emily’s feelings for Jack come back and then it would’ve been the Emily/Jack/Amanda love triangle all over again. But of course, the writers of this show are freaking brilliant and used the promo for this episode to their advantage in confusing us all and making us think something was going to happen, when in fact none of my predictions were even close.

  • Aiden + Emily = Perfection. I love them so much together and the fact that their relationship has so much depth and beauty to it and it’s only been like 8 episodes since Aiden’s joined the Revenge family says just how much of a couple they are. I truly believe they are meant for each other. They know everything about each other and hold nothing back when it comes to their agendas, even weakness. That, ladies and gentleman, is a real relationship. Plus Nolan’s finally warming up to them being together and that is my perfect threesome right there <3
  • I’ve always felt conflicted for my feelings for Jack, but I’ve always liked him nonetheless. and right now I’m really loving him + Amanda. At first I seriously hated her character for making Emily’s life complicated, but now Amanda’s one of my favorite characters too and her and Jack have something special. I was all for Jamily in the early beginning, but then Damily happened and I died, so my feelings for Jamily went down a bit (some of it’s still there though).

Sidenote: Honestly I find Emily so shippable with every freaking guy on the show, I almost feel like I would ship Emily with Conrad if they writers played their cards right. 

But Jack and Amanda have such a easy love going for them, something they both need in their lives with their little precious baby Carl, I almost find it hard in imagining Jamily happening ever again with Emily and her endless revenge agenda. I’m also starting to think Jack’s gonna be the one dying in the finale because of his dad and the evil brothers now, and that makes me sad. And I feel horrible for even thinking it, but please make it be Declan instead! Charlotte will survive, I assure you. 

  • Ashley finally got some cold water thrown her way. Good riddance too. I don’t know what it is, but I’ve always been rubbed the wrong way by her. 
  • I honestly used to hate Conrad + Victoria. Crazy right? Now I’m warming up to them a lot more and I am going to die when Victoria and Emily team up. Shit will go down.
  • DAMILY. My God my shipper heart almost burst when Daniel was getting jealous of Aimily (He looked so hott) & then when he was smiling of his pictures with her on his laptop and Dawww :’) AND THEN THE PROMO HAPPENED AND I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO FEEL. I literally feel so conflicted with my shipping feels. I mean obviously Daniel is going down a dark road that will make it harder for Emily to fall back in love with him since it’s only proving her right about him becoming just like his father, but they were so beautiful season one… I almost wish Daniel would’ve stayed naive and innocent so Emily would’ve not had to break the engagement… But now I have Aiden. And him and Emily just share too much magic on screen. Ultimately I know the Damily’s kiss will not be real. And Aimily will only become stronger as the season progresses.

So obviously I have way too many feelings for this show. But I had to let them out.

God I am so glad I stumbled upon this show and it’s epicness :)

I love Stefan and Caroline, I really do.

But this episode had me really annoyed by them.

I mean, yes, I understand, Damon has had his reckless moments and Stefan and Caroline are just looking out for Elena so she doesn’t get hurt by him. But the way Caroline kept going on about how, and I quote “Ugh” Damon was, it just pissed me off. Now I’m not here to talk about how much of a saint Damon is, cause he’s not, but hey, he sure as hell has tried to change. He is not the guy we met in the pilot 4 years ago and Stefan and Caroline know it. So why are they still making him out to be the worst person out there?? The whole episode it took all I had in me not to scream at my TV screen at how stupid these two were acting. All that came out of Caroline’s mouth was how “epic” Stelena’s love was and how they were soul mates and totally meant to be. And you know what? They just might be endgame, but for now the reality is, Elena has feelings for Damon - sire bond or not, they’ve been there long before she ever turned. So unless a new excuse as to why Delena can’t happen (besides this bs about the sire bond clouding up Elena’s head), Caroline can stfu. And again, no offense to anyone, I LOVE Caroline and I understand why she’s so against Damon, but the way she isn’t acknowledging his change just stinks.

On to Stefan. Stefan. My golden boy. Seriously, the guy can do no wrong. Even when he was in his ripper stage I rooted for him. Because up until this episode, he just seemed so perfect to me. Where Damon has flaws and expresses his dark side openly, Stefan has always been the lighter, sweeter one of the two. But tonight, man, I don’t even know what to say. I feel like the whole episode he was acting on pure selfishness. I mean he freaking basically forced Jeremy to kill another vampire for crying out loud! With knowing the side affects that this was going to have on Jeremy, he didn’t care. Because all he seems to be focused on is “fixing Elena” and getting her back. And I understand he’s heart broken, I get that he’s hurting. But sacrificing my poor baby Jeremy’s sanity in order to get his old girlfriend back is a new low for Stefan. And can I just take a minute to mention how much of a jerk he was being to Damon? I mean yes, we all know he’s the main reason him & Elena broke up, but your brother’s actually trying to be there for you, don’t push him away and be mad. He can’t help what he feels man.

Ugh I don’t know. It’s just really frustrating because I love everyone (except that shady Professor and Hayley), so it sucks when people are against my OTP for reasons, imo, that just aren’t important enough for these two not to be together.

We shall see what happens next ep.

But I don’t wanna end on a negative note. So I’m just gonna fangirl for a minute about how beautiful Klaroline was :’) Given, the chemistry was definitely different this ep, but hey I ain’t complaining.

Caroline and Klaus were talking.

And laughing.

Like old friends. 

All differences aside.

It was beautiful.

The end.

This is the first time today that I have entered the Dair tag and… I almost feel like I cheated on it.

It’s just, with one OTP ripping each other’s clothes off and finally consumating their precious love & totally unaware that it’ll all change next week, ANDDD my other babies going through an emotional roller coaster all because they can’t be together & the freaking PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES GETTING SHOT, it’s been a lot to handle all in the span of three hours ok??

I mean it’s not like I missed much on here anyway. We’re still going through with those Chair/Derena endgames right? Yeah, just making sure.

Ugh. Why must I love the most angsty masochistic love stories??

Unpopular opinion: Leave Klaus alone!

I’ve seen people complaining about Klaus and how he’s not taking on his role as the big bad wolf seriously anymore all because of his “obsession” with Caroline and how it’s ruining his character. But I’ve actually found it to be one of the best things to have happened to him.

I mean of course I love feisty Klaus (who doesn’t?), but I’d much rather have the new side of him that we’re getting to see. Before, episodes were always ending with him either killing someone or completely alone. Of course that’s still happening, but something’s changed. Ever since his first exchange with Caroline, we’ve gotten to see a softer side to him that we never could have believed existed. I mean let’s face it people, Klaus is ass-backwards crushing on the girl. He’s been manipulated by her (several times), and he just brushes it off every time like it’s nothing and continues in his attempts at wooing her. He has never been known to let go of things easily, so Klaus sacrificing his evil unforgiving streak for her is a pretty big deal.

And let’s not forget he was willing to sacrifice one of his HYBRIDS for Caroline in the last episode. You know, the whole reason he’s still in Mystic Falls in the first place? Yeah, well now he’s willing to give that up all for a date with said girl. And we all know that’s saying a lot considering how much he’s’ gone through for his precious hybrids.

He’s also been nicer to her than he has his own sister (who’s been nothing but faithful to him). That, my friends, is the biggest deal of them all. As many times as he’s killed and repeatedly stabbed his family, we all know that at the end of the day they are the only people in his life that he actually cares about anymore. So that fact that he’s putting them aside for a girl is huge. I mean who else has he put above his family before? No one.

So sorry not sorry, but him showing his vulnerable side is not boring to me, it’s showing us just how sincere he is about his feelings for her and it adds depth to his character outside of the villain box he’s been cast in. It even parallels to Delena in a way. For the longest time Elena saw Damon as an evil monster, and Damon only let his vulnerable side out with her. Of course we all know how that story’s developing, so here’s to wishful thinking & hoping for a double date some time in the future? :)