No offense to the Stelena fans,

But OBVIOUSLY Elena only told Damon those things in the promo for the next episode because she was trying to spite him. He’s gonna go overboard in his overprotectiveness and she’s gonna take it out on him by hitting him where she knows it’ll hurt him the most - reminding him that she can change her mind about not being with Stefan and leave him

Unpopular opinion: Leave Klaus alone!

I’ve seen people complaining about Klaus and how he’s not taking on his role as the big bad wolf seriously anymore all because of his “obsession” with Caroline and how it’s ruining his character. But I’ve actually found it to be one of the best things to have happened to him.

I mean of course I love feisty Klaus (who doesn’t?), but I’d much rather have the new side of him that we’re getting to see. Before, episodes were always ending with him either killing someone or completely alone. Of course that’s still happening, but something’s changed. Ever since his first exchange with Caroline, we’ve gotten to see a softer side to him that we never could have believed existed. I mean let’s face it people, Klaus is ass-backwards crushing on the girl. He’s been manipulated by her (several times), and he just brushes it off every time like it’s nothing and continues in his attempts at wooing her. He has never been known to let go of things easily, so Klaus sacrificing his evil unforgiving streak for her is a pretty big deal.

And let’s not forget he was willing to sacrifice one of his HYBRIDS for Caroline in the last episode. You know, the whole reason he’s still in Mystic Falls in the first place? Yeah, well now he’s willing to give that up all for a date with said girl. And we all know that’s saying a lot considering how much he’s’ gone through for his precious hybrids.

He’s also been nicer to her than he has his own sister (who’s been nothing but faithful to him). That, my friends, is the biggest deal of them all. As many times as he’s killed and repeatedly stabbed his family, we all know that at the end of the day they are the only people in his life that he actually cares about anymore. So that fact that he’s putting them aside for a girl is huge. I mean who else has he put above his family before? No one.

So sorry not sorry, but him showing his vulnerable side is not boring to me, it’s showing us just how sincere he is about his feelings for her and it adds depth to his character outside of the villain box he’s been cast in. It even parallels to Delena in a way. For the longest time Elena saw Damon as an evil monster, and Damon only let his vulnerable side out with her. Of course we all know how that story’s developing, so here’s to wishful thinking & hoping for a double date some time in the future? :)

What an episode!

It is so REFRESHING to watch a show that sticks to its main storylines and keeps me intrigued every week! (Gossip Girl writers, take notes).

All the spoilers from my beloved ship Dair (may they rest in peace), had really put me in a bad mood, but this week’s Revenge episode was so badass imo that I couldn’t help but feel better about the fact that I still have some kind of good taste in tv shows & not all my favorite characters are destined for reversed growth storylines :)

I was literally jumping at the edge of my seat every time we got a commercial break. AND we got the best scenes with Emily + Nolan & my current new otp Aimily.

Overall, I am pleased & cannot wait for the next episode

The only way I could see myself remotely happy with a Dair breakup and/or a Chair reunion:

If Blair runs straight into Chuck’s arms after breaking up with Dan I will be beyond upset.

I will understand if Blair tells Dan that maybe she doesn’t know what she feels for him, or Chuck for that matter, so she takes time off from both relationships in order to “figure things out.” Quite honestly I’d prefer that than her stringing Dan along. I figure she can end the season finale boyfriendless and spends the whole summer finding herself again before rushing into anything.

I want Dan and Blair together, but they need some time apart. She just needs to work on finding herself and situating her feelings first. I’d be beyond sad if Dair ended after such a short run though. But if the show is inevitably gonna end with Chair, I’d rather just have Dan and Blair breakup now instead of using Dan as just an obstacle with no hope for them (Dair) in the future. Even though honestly, it would be like wasted potential on the 2. Chuck and Blair had 5 seasons basically to shine, and for the most part? They just crashed and burned. I honestly thought Dan and Blair would’ve been given a real shot before Blair had to make such a drastic decision.

That being said, Dair is my OTP, but if Chair happens the right way, I won’t be upset either. (As long as Dan isn’t left moping around for her like some pathetic loser - Hopefully his writing career can take off and help him survive the breakup). It’s gonna take a lot more than 2 episodes of scheming together to make things right again for them  though, in my opinion. If her and Chuck do get back together again, it has to be in a timely fashion where it makes sense and they’ve both had time to grow.

And if Dair is endgame, the writers seriously need to give Chuck a new (lasting) love-interest. It’s ridiculous how Eva has been the only one even remotely close to making Chuck truly happy after all these seasons. Bring her back or bring on the Chivy romance! (A girl can be hopeful right?)

Either way, whatever goes down, I refuse to stop watching the show, even if things don’t go my way. I’ve been there since Season 1 and I sure as hell am not gonna let anything stop me from being there during the series finale.

Am I the only one excited for Dair, Chair AND Derena next episode?

I mean I know it sounds weird, but the Dair/Chair/Derena interactions of 5X23 were so cute. They all have the same level of affection from me at this point. And while yes, given the way things are gonna go down next week aren’t exactly ideal for at least 2 of the 3 fandoms, I am gonna enjoy the 3 ships interactions to the fullest next week




I just watched “The Fugitives” and…

I loved it!


Gosh these last two episodes have just been badass! All the interactions - Dair, Chair, Derena, Dorota alone being her awesome self - && all the scheming!

It made my night.

I just hope the finale lives up to the hype…

…And my Dair/Chair/Derena heart isn’t crushed


This is in no way is meant to offend anyone,

But I just think it’s sad when a supposed “fan” of Gossip Girl only chooses to like it when everything is “going good” according to them and their favorite ship.

You can’t choose when to like a show.

Well I mean you can but then what’s the point?

Being a real fan is accepting the show for what it is and respecting the writers. Obviously if they could make you fall in love with the characters in the first place, they know their shit pretty well. (Excuse my french). Now I’m not saying you can’t critique and express what you thought was wrong about an episode, but I think it’s so damn childish when I see people put up posts like,

"I am boycotting the show. Dair/Chair/Derena/Etc makes me sick."

& then like 3 weeks later when they get some interaction from their favorite couple and all is well again and they start watching again. Of course until something new comes along that they don’t like and they decide to huff & puff some more.


That is just so stupid to me. Like seriously, either watch the show and suck it up when things aren’t going your way and try to appreciate what the producer/writer’s are doing OR stop watching it all together. If you hate the new plot lines so much then stop watching the show and go read fanfics the rest of your life and never look back.


Stop filling the Gossip Girl dashboard with so much hate.

Love it or Leave it. Simple as that.

If Serena helps yet another one of Blair’s boyfriend’s cheat on her in the season finale, I will just be reminded of old Leyton days when Brooke had to find out that her best friend had betrayed her once again.

I will not be happy.