So I just finished the second episode of Mexican Gossip Girl and it’s not even funny how many Chair/Derena feelings I’m getting right now. Because I’ll be honest, post Chuck selling Blair for a hotel, and the tiring and endless back and forth cycle between Serena and Dan, I shipped them so damn hard. And now, seeing them together again, even if it is in a different version, it brings back major ex OTP feels. I have a feeling that the Mexican writers won’t let Mexican Chair be ruined to the extent that Savage did either, so that also makes me hopeful. So sorry in advance for any Mexican Chair spamming I may do in the next couple of days. (Why do I feel like I’m cheating on Dan and Blair?) As for Mexican Derena, we’ll see about the success on that one. And I guess some things never change, because Mexican Dan stole my heart by the end of the first episode. American Dan would be proud, he’s like a little Mexican protege :’)

Overall, not too bad though. I even caught myself laughing out loud a couple of times. I will say this though, if you don’t speak Spanish, but especially understand Mexican lingo, it may not be as enjoyable for you. I’m Mexican so I got the jokes, but some of them would be hard to translate for the subtitles. So for those people who are watching it with subtitles, I can’t say you’ll get to appreciate the full Mexican spin-off experience to it :/

But I’m not saying to give up on giving it a try altogether either, you could end up loving it :) So far I’m not hating it!

Is a main character going through a pregnancy with a guest character that everyone hates? Have a miscarriage and forget like it ever happened. Do the two main adults on your show have a kid together that no one really connects with and whose existence makes it a bit awkward that their other children are dating? Eh, send him back where he came from and never speak of him again. Do you simply have no way to get from A to B without developing some totally complicated, long-lasting plotline? Simply have the characters discuss it after the fact so it is understood it happened outside of the episode. Never before has a show gotten so much use out of the old phrase “it happened off screen.” Characters and plotlines disappear forever at the drop of hat, never to be seen or heard from again.

Question: Are you kind enough for one last Gossip Girl spoiler? —Jose

Ausiello: Last?! Are you dying? Enlisting? The series finale isn’t for another couple weeks (Dec. 17 to be exact) so this is hardly the show’s final appearance in AA. Here’s what I can tell you now: Rumor has it three words will flash on the screen at the end of the penultimate episode, and (here’s the best part) first person to guess what they are gets $100 in Monopoly money.

Had you asked us at the beginning where the characters would be, we’d say Blair would be an independent career woman, not taking any shit from the men in her life, and Serena would have learnt from her mistakes and found happiness in the loving arms of moral, lovely, Lonely Boy. In reality, Serena has plotted and schemed her way back to Dan (by stealing him from her best friend and filming it for Gossip Girl), and Blair is waiting for Chuck to make time for her. In Gossip Girl, you definitely can’t have it all
Caroline Preece

I know Dan and Serena have gone down some crazy roads together (& apart), but at the end of the day their scenes together made me smile

This whole show has turned to shit and the only people I can find myself rooting for anymore are these two. And Nate, Georgina and Dorota

Anything is better than seeing Dan pine anymore for Blair. And although I liked Steven and Serena together, if they aren’t getting back together, Dan and Serena might as well. Because as much as I hate to say it, Serenate is dead. The writers didn’t give two fucks about them and totally forgot they even existed. So any hope of them getting back together would be stupid. Just like Dan and Blair. Because even if they did somehow end up together, it wouldn’t be the same. They’re not the same couple we fell in love with in Season 5. Plus of course we have those lovely set pictures of the weddings to remind us all of our lovely writers attempts at happy fairytale endings.

& yes, the progression for the Derena reunion seems rushed and I honestly never thought I could ship together again (since they share a siblings and all, plus they haven’t exactly been the nicest to each other), but FUCK IT. They used to be my OTP, and judging from the scenes, they still have the chemistry. And because at the end of the day, they aren’t as damaged as Chair and I would rather see them together than Chuck and Blair.

I’m sticking it out to the end.

Because I have watched this show since it began and I will put all my hope in believing that they will make an epic comeback next season and get every character the closure they need. I haven’t watched the “epic” season finale yet but from what I’ve seen on here things get pretty crazy. I will watch the episode to get my own conclusions from it and try to remind myself how I fell in love with this show to begin with. Because to me what’s upsetting me is not just because Chuck and Blair got back together and Dan got his heartbroken and decided to cheat on Blair with Serena without any confirmation whatsoever about what was really happening, but also what they’ve done to the other characters and their storylines. Everything seems so illogical and badly written to me now. I don’t know - I really really REALLY hope I’m wrong, I honestly do. And I hope that when I’m finished with the episode I can come back on here and come to terms to what has happened.

Well that’s it for now. Wish me luck guys, I’m going in 


Am I the only one excited for Dair, Chair AND Derena next episode?

I mean I know it sounds weird, but the Dair/Chair/Derena interactions of 5X23 were so cute. They all have the same level of affection from me at this point. And while yes, given the way things are gonna go down next week aren’t exactly ideal for at least 2 of the 3 fandoms, I am gonna enjoy the 3 ships interactions to the fullest next week




I just watched “The Fugitives” and…

I loved it!


Gosh these last two episodes have just been badass! All the interactions - Dair, Chair, Derena, Dorota alone being her awesome self - && all the scheming!

It made my night.

I just hope the finale lives up to the hype…

…And my Dair/Chair/Derena heart isn’t crushed


This is in no way is meant to offend anyone,

But I just think it’s sad when a supposed “fan” of Gossip Girl only chooses to like it when everything is “going good” according to them and their favorite ship.

You can’t choose when to like a show.

Well I mean you can but then what’s the point?

Being a real fan is accepting the show for what it is and respecting the writers. Obviously if they could make you fall in love with the characters in the first place, they know their shit pretty well. (Excuse my french). Now I’m not saying you can’t critique and express what you thought was wrong about an episode, but I think it’s so damn childish when I see people put up posts like,

"I am boycotting the show. Dair/Chair/Derena/Etc makes me sick."

& then like 3 weeks later when they get some interaction from their favorite couple and all is well again and they start watching again. Of course until something new comes along that they don’t like and they decide to huff & puff some more.


That is just so stupid to me. Like seriously, either watch the show and suck it up when things aren’t going your way and try to appreciate what the producer/writer’s are doing OR stop watching it all together. If you hate the new plot lines so much then stop watching the show and go read fanfics the rest of your life and never look back.


Stop filling the Gossip Girl dashboard with so much hate.

Love it or Leave it. Simple as that.

If Serena helps yet another one of Blair’s boyfriend’s cheat on her in the season finale, I will just be reminded of old Leyton days when Brooke had to find out that her best friend had betrayed her once again.

I will not be happy.




Dair/Something Borrowed

For those of you who have either watched or read “Something Borrowed”, don’t you guys agree that Dair can sort of relate to the plot? I mean first we have Darcy (or Serena in GG’s case), the gorgeous best friend who always gets everything. Then comes her bff Rachel (Blair) who’s always been in the shadows. Then comes Dex (Dan), Darcy’s finace who is also Rachel’s close friend. Rachel && Dex have more in common than him and Darcy ever will and they soon realize that they have feelings for eachother.

Anyway, the reason I brought this up was because I found this video && I was wondering that for those of you who know how to edit videos, if they could do a remake of the Something Borrowed trailer, except replacing the main characters with Dan/Blair/Serena.

Idk, just an idea. Thought it’d be cute to watch :)


So I was reading the NoWhiteNoise Roundtable today && I was sort of sad about how they were bad-mouthing the show so much and Blair’s “irrational” actions.

I mean yes, granted, the show isn’t the same that it was 4 seasons ago, but like the writers have stated several times now, the characters are evolving and changing. Blair is obviously not gonna act the same way she did 4 years ago because she’s a different person now, past the high school days (and the same can be said about all of the other characters). But anyway…My intention wasn’t to complain or anything like that because everyone is entitled to their own opinions && I love their photo recaps to much to boycott them :) But I saw this comment in the reviews && it’s like this girl took the words right out of my mouth! Everything she said was just so on spot that I had to share && see what the rest of you guys think. Everything seemed pretty well-rationalized and makes sense to me.

Enjoy :)

Rachel Erin:

Blair keeps making excuses up not to be with Chuck because she doesn’t want to be with him. She may still hold love for him because of their past, but it’s the same conversation over and over. They can never work, and she knows this, and he’s not good for her. 

You didn’t talk at all about the fact that Chuck screwed another woman at the end of the episode. He had no feelings for her whatsoever and was only doing it to get revenge, whereas Dan and Blair have been friends for over a year and she realized in this episode all the things he had done for her. She was blind to her feelings for Dan before because Chuck and Serena and Louis were in the way, but she has ALWAYS gone to him over everyone else. 

And she wasn’t betraying Serena because a) Serena. Doesn’t. Own. Dan. and b) the ending where she tells him she can’t hurt her best friend! (Let’s not even touch the subject of Serena being selfish and knowing that Dan loves Blair way before she tried to hook up with him again because that is a whole different animal.) 

As for ” Because he loves her and he wants two things: 1 – Blair to be happy (by not marrying Louis) and 2 – Blair to be with him,” Dan never once cared about anything but Blair’s happiness until this last episode where he took some initiative for his own happiness only because Blair asked him. He thought she would be happy with Chuck before that! Chair shippers should be happy he sent in the video because that was really only to get Louis out of the picture. How would sending in that video benefit him in any way? That doesn’t make sense.

I will stand by my argument that Blair is most like herself when she is with Dan. Because he accepts her for exactly who she is and supports her. I love where their story could progress, and no one can convince me otherwise.

(Sidenote: I just found out I was already following this genius girl! Lol. I am happy :)


Enough is enough.

I usually don’t like ranting and getting into this whole ship wars mess, but this is just getting ridiculous. I hate how some people only like the show when it’s going their way, but the second something new is introduced that they don’t like they automatically go on strike until their favorite couple it reunited.


In other words, we don’t get to control what happens and think that if we pout && puff enough the writers will somehow get intimidated by all your threats and make the show work to fit your needs.




The writers are gonna script what they think is best for the characters, cause guess what? The same writers who are writing all this “Dair crap” also wrote your precious Derena and Chair moments as well. They also know those characters way better than we think we do and they’re not gonna ruin them purposely. People change and evolve, and as we’ve been seeing lately, so do the characters on this show and their feelings && relationships with each other.

Now I’m not trying to attack the whole Chair and Derena fandoms because I know that there are still some people on here who can act like mature human beings and accept what’s happening. Just like in the Dair ship there are some people who go over board when things don’t go their way, we have our respectful ones too. We all have our angry/upset moments, but honestly, if we’re all such big Gossip Girl fans like we claim to be then we won’t boycott the show the second we don’t like what we see on the screen. Cause that’s not only hurting the show && the writers, but it’s also ruining the chance of your couple being reunited again if the show can’t be picked up for another season because of such bad ratings.

Just sayin’

You guys don’t have to read this, and I’m not if this will make any difference at all, but I just had to get this off my chest.

Let’s not define ourselves as only Dair/Chair/Derena shippers, but also as Gossip Girl shippers who appreciate the show and all the good moments we’ve had along the way.

That is all.