Thoughts on TVD season finale:

First of all I’m just gonna get it off my chest.


Ok, ahem, back to business.

Jeremy is baaaack! I’m so happy for him and Elena. If any of the goodbyes would’ve moved me to tears it would’ve been that one. Even though all of them were pretty depressing to be honest. I mean that Beremy goodbye one was a real tear-jerker. Even though I’m not that sad because we all know Plec’s gonna bring her back next season.

And Katherine got the cure?? WTF Elena. After this whole freaking season was centered around finding the cure for her, she gives it to the person that wanted it the least. But I’m not gonna lie, it’s going to be interesting watching Katherine be human.

Not so interesting? Stefan getting shoved into the bottom of a lake. Like WTF. Poor guy, all he wanted to do was get away and start over. I just really hope we don’t go back to Ripper Stefan. Cause as much as I love his sassiness, I’m so over that storyline. Can we give him a real story that doesn’t revolve around Elena, now that she basically let him go or whatever? Do something with him! Matter of fact, get creative with everyone Plec! That’s one thing I will address: This whole town revolves around Elena. Next season I wanna see them all having lives outside of her little bubble, even Damon. The Elena show ended when she became a vampire and could fend for herself, let’s keep it that way.

Another thing that I’m actually really upset about is that we’re not gonna get to see Mabekah have their summer fling. It was so endearing seeing Rebekah’s face light up when Matt accepted her proposition. I would’ve liked to see Matt finally starting to get closer to feeling what Rebekah feels for him. But I guess we won’t get to see that because you know, The Originals and all.

Which brings me to my last, but certainly not least, final point.


For those of us who ship them, it was like the best and worst thing to happen to us. The best because of obvious reasons. I loved everything about Klaus coming in and being the hero and Caroline just looking on in awe. And how confident he sounded when he said he was going to be her last love! God I don’t know how Caroline held it together! I would’ve been all up on that! Ugh it was just so beautiful and it was just a taste of what we could’ve had if we have more time. And it’s the worst thing that happened to us because now we’re going to have to suffer through seeing them apart because The Oringinals and am I the only one holding Julie up to her word about them coming back into eachother’s lives some day?

Overall, admitadly, this hasn’t been TVD’s best season, it’s had its ups and downs like any TV show, but I just don’t think I could ever hate on this show. Because nothing compares to Gossip Girl and Stephanie Savage. NOTHING. It just makes everything else shine in comparison.

So cheers Plec, I thought this episode was pretty good.

And cheers to the fandom for sticking through it. Here’s to a 5 month hiatus :/

No offense to the Stelena fans,

But OBVIOUSLY Elena only told Damon those things in the promo for the next episode because she was trying to spite him. He’s gonna go overboard in his overprotectiveness and she’s gonna take it out on him by hitting him where she knows it’ll hurt him the most - reminding him that she can change her mind about not being with Stefan and leave him

I love Stefan and Caroline, I really do.

But this episode had me really annoyed by them.

I mean, yes, I understand, Damon has had his reckless moments and Stefan and Caroline are just looking out for Elena so she doesn’t get hurt by him. But the way Caroline kept going on about how, and I quote “Ugh” Damon was, it just pissed me off. Now I’m not here to talk about how much of a saint Damon is, cause he’s not, but hey, he sure as hell has tried to change. He is not the guy we met in the pilot 4 years ago and Stefan and Caroline know it. So why are they still making him out to be the worst person out there?? The whole episode it took all I had in me not to scream at my TV screen at how stupid these two were acting. All that came out of Caroline’s mouth was how “epic” Stelena’s love was and how they were soul mates and totally meant to be. And you know what? They just might be endgame, but for now the reality is, Elena has feelings for Damon - sire bond or not, they’ve been there long before she ever turned. So unless a new excuse as to why Delena can’t happen (besides this bs about the sire bond clouding up Elena’s head), Caroline can stfu. And again, no offense to anyone, I LOVE Caroline and I understand why she’s so against Damon, but the way she isn’t acknowledging his change just stinks.

On to Stefan. Stefan. My golden boy. Seriously, the guy can do no wrong. Even when he was in his ripper stage I rooted for him. Because up until this episode, he just seemed so perfect to me. Where Damon has flaws and expresses his dark side openly, Stefan has always been the lighter, sweeter one of the two. But tonight, man, I don’t even know what to say. I feel like the whole episode he was acting on pure selfishness. I mean he freaking basically forced Jeremy to kill another vampire for crying out loud! With knowing the side affects that this was going to have on Jeremy, he didn’t care. Because all he seems to be focused on is “fixing Elena” and getting her back. And I understand he’s heart broken, I get that he’s hurting. But sacrificing my poor baby Jeremy’s sanity in order to get his old girlfriend back is a new low for Stefan. And can I just take a minute to mention how much of a jerk he was being to Damon? I mean yes, we all know he’s the main reason him & Elena broke up, but your brother’s actually trying to be there for you, don’t push him away and be mad. He can’t help what he feels man.

Ugh I don’t know. It’s just really frustrating because I love everyone (except that shady Professor and Hayley), so it sucks when people are against my OTP for reasons, imo, that just aren’t important enough for these two not to be together.

We shall see what happens next ep.

But I don’t wanna end on a negative note. So I’m just gonna fangirl for a minute about how beautiful Klaroline was :’) Given, the chemistry was definitely different this ep, but hey I ain’t complaining.

Caroline and Klaus were talking.

And laughing.

Like old friends. 

All differences aside.

It was beautiful.

The end.

I don´t know if I ship Delena as hard as I do Dapiness (Damon + Happiness)

I mean yes, I like them together, but honestly I just can´t take my baby hurting anymore. I would ship Damon with a wall if it brought him true happiness. I shipped him with Katherine (sorta), Caroline, Rose, that news reporter lady, Rebekkah.. heck I´ve even considered Bonnie another good match for him


Is this weird?

In Gossip Girl Dan and Blair are supposed to be the “pure, simple love” right? And in The Vampire Diaries, the same can be said about Stefan and Elena; Chuck and Blair/Damon and Elena are the crazy unstable loves.

So why is it that I find myself rooting for the pure simple love that Dair gives us more than Chair, but in TVD I root for Delena’s Chair-like love more than Stelena’s Dair-like love? Am I contradicting myself here?


I’ve been thinking.. And I think I might actually be Team Switzerland in the whole Delena/Stelena ship war.

If Delena is endgame it would be awesome, not gonna lie. But then I think of Stelena and I love them so much too. They’re two couples that are both epic in their own beautiful ways and it would hurt me to see either of the brothers heart broken.

I guess since Stefan became like this emotionless robot at the start of Season 3 it was easier to believe that he wasn’t hurting for Elena; but he was, he loves her afterall. I see their love and it’s so pure and simple and I love it. But then Delena is an intense love, magical in its own way. And I find myself really conflicted in choosing between the two.  It’s like, if Stelena happens, Damon gets chosen over his brother once again and I don’t think I would be able to take his devastated face


But then again, if Delena happens, I can’t even imagine how Stefan would take it. I mean would he turn into the ripper and then just go crazy again? Or would he step aside and allow his brother the happiness of being with the girl he loves? 

Either ending is so heart-breaking for one of the brothers,


so I’ve decided - unless Damon or Stefan find someone that can replace Elena in their hearts - I am Team Switzerland.



Why does The Vampire Diaries make everyone so damn shippable??

At this point I ship the following,

  • Elena + Damon (OTP. My endgame ship.)



  • Elena + Stefan (I don’t mind her with him, they’re cute :)


  • Stefan + Katherine (They were eachother’s first loves and they have an understanding. Plus you know if Stefan has someone in the end it won’t make me feel as guilty about Delena)


  • Elena + Elijah (I see it working in an AU)


  • Damon + Rose (She brought out another side of him that we hardly ever get to see..that’s gotta tell you something about the power of their relationship)


  • Damon + Rebekah (They’re funny & hot & if Elena can’t make up her mind, he might as well have someone to keep him company in the mean time)


  • Rebekah + Matt (He really just needs someone to be there for him and so does she = perfect)


  • Matt + Elena (Because if they dated once, they can do it again. Plus their scenes together always tug at my heart <3)


  • Matt + Caroline (So much unresolved chemistry left between these 2!)


  • Matt + Anyone (I just really want him to be happy already and stop looking so tortured every episode)


  • Caroline + Klaus (Because why not? Their scenes make my heart skip a beat)


  • Caroline + Tyler (I tried not to like them because of my loyalty to Matt, but they’re infectious)


  • Tyler + Rebekah (Let’s face it, they’d be HOT)


  • Caroline + Stefan (They would actually be really good together)


  • Bonnie + Jeremy (…But then they just died out for me)


  • Jeremy + Anna (Can’t we bring her back somehow?)


  • Bonnie + Luka (They would’ve been so cute together!)

Bonnie and Luka 

  • Bonnie + Jamie (Am I the only who feels it?)


  • Bonnie + Matt (YOLO)