So I just finished the second episode of Mexican Gossip Girl and it’s not even funny how many Chair/Derena feelings I’m getting right now. Because I’ll be honest, post Chuck selling Blair for a hotel, and the tiring and endless back and forth cycle between Serena and Dan, I shipped them so damn hard. And now, seeing them together again, even if it is in a different version, it brings back major ex OTP feels. I have a feeling that the Mexican writers won’t let Mexican Chair be ruined to the extent that Savage did either, so that also makes me hopeful. So sorry in advance for any Mexican Chair spamming I may do in the next couple of days. (Why do I feel like I’m cheating on Dan and Blair?) As for Mexican Derena, we’ll see about the success on that one. And I guess some things never change, because Mexican Dan stole my heart by the end of the first episode. American Dan would be proud, he’s like a little Mexican protege :’)

Overall, not too bad though. I even caught myself laughing out loud a couple of times. I will say this though, if you don’t speak Spanish, but especially understand Mexican lingo, it may not be as enjoyable for you. I’m Mexican so I got the jokes, but some of them would be hard to translate for the subtitles. So for those people who are watching it with subtitles, I can’t say you’ll get to appreciate the full Mexican spin-off experience to it :/

But I’m not saying to give up on giving it a try altogether either, you could end up loving it :) So far I’m not hating it!

Is a main character going through a pregnancy with a guest character that everyone hates? Have a miscarriage and forget like it ever happened. Do the two main adults on your show have a kid together that no one really connects with and whose existence makes it a bit awkward that their other children are dating? Eh, send him back where he came from and never speak of him again. Do you simply have no way to get from A to B without developing some totally complicated, long-lasting plotline? Simply have the characters discuss it after the fact so it is understood it happened outside of the episode. Never before has a show gotten so much use out of the old phrase “it happened off screen.” Characters and plotlines disappear forever at the drop of hat, never to be seen or heard from again.
Let’s just take a step back and think about this for a second. Dan was punched by the show’s de-facto moral center Nate, who is currently trying to figure out how to weasel his way out of some serious accounting fraud. Also leading the anti-Dan charge was Blair, a young woman who has, over time, made thousands of people miserable with her scheming, back-stabbing, and selfishness. She spent this episode purposefully trying to submarine the reconciliation of two of her best friends, one of whom she’d just reconciled with herself not a few days prior. By her side was Chuck, whose rap-sheet of illegal activities, shady business dealings, and human rights violations we don’t need to rehash here. That leaves us with Serena, a person who needs real help, yet who can’t stop manipulating everyone around her with a smile on her face.

If there’s one thing that really pisses me off in shipping wars is when a person decides to judge an entire fandom based on what ONE person did. No matter the fandom, they all are made up of a variety of personalities that every member contributes to. So unless you know every single person and their personalities and they do in fact all think the same, save yourself the embarrassment and don’t call out an entire fandom for something one person, or maybe a couple did. Don’t speak for fandom, ESPECIALLY if you are not in it.

Question: Are you kind enough for one last Gossip Girl spoiler? —Jose

Ausiello: Last?! Are you dying? Enlisting? The series finale isn’t for another couple weeks (Dec. 17 to be exact) so this is hardly the show’s final appearance in AA. Here’s what I can tell you now: Rumor has it three words will flash on the screen at the end of the penultimate episode, and (here’s the best part) first person to guess what they are gets $100 in Monopoly money.

Had you asked us at the beginning where the characters would be, we’d say Blair would be an independent career woman, not taking any shit from the men in her life, and Serena would have learnt from her mistakes and found happiness in the loving arms of moral, lovely, Lonely Boy. In reality, Serena has plotted and schemed her way back to Dan (by stealing him from her best friend and filming it for Gossip Girl), and Blair is waiting for Chuck to make time for her. In Gossip Girl, you definitely can’t have it all
Caroline Preece

Rivy + Chair aside, I actually laughed a couple of times:

Dan + Georgina were good together, I’ve always had a soft spot for them - (Possible new OTP?) Anyway, when the gang got together I thought they just got funnier. Blair + Georgina’s hate relationship was entertaining to watch, and Nate is never bad for the eyes, as useless as he may be. The Dair scene of course was the show-stealer. Words cannot express how on point that scene was! I just wish Dan wasn’t so obvious about his feelings for Blair :( I felt so much for him, but it felt amazing knowing Blair was speechless after Dan told her his thoughts ;)

Rufus and Ivy was just plain gross! But I guess if it shuts stupid Lily up, then it’s not all bad. Seriously though, she (Lily) was so annoying the whole episode. I literally got mad every time she appeared on my screen. And Chair was just as irritating. I’m tired of seeing the same sl being replayed over & over with them! There’s just no going back to them imo…

And don’t even get me started on Blair actually being hurt by Serena not wanting to go back to NYC! I mean who can blame the girl? Didn’t everyone actually ask her to leave their lives?! I actually felt bad for Serena (even though she did purposely try to break up Dair). I’m actually rooting for Serena to end up with someone like Barry Watson’s character, too much has happened for her to end up with Dan or Nate and for it to make sense. Then again, now that I think about it, GG Writers haven’t exactly been known for going for the story lines that make any sense at all

And Nate FINALLY gets somewhat of his own sl? Can anyone say yay? :)

So overall, it wasn’t as painful as I thought I guess. One bandaid ripped off though..9 episodes to go!

I’m sticking it out to the end.

Because I have watched this show since it began and I will put all my hope in believing that they will make an epic comeback next season and get every character the closure they need. I haven’t watched the “epic” season finale yet but from what I’ve seen on here things get pretty crazy. I will watch the episode to get my own conclusions from it and try to remind myself how I fell in love with this show to begin with. Because to me what’s upsetting me is not just because Chuck and Blair got back together and Dan got his heartbroken and decided to cheat on Blair with Serena without any confirmation whatsoever about what was really happening, but also what they’ve done to the other characters and their storylines. Everything seems so illogical and badly written to me now. I don’t know - I really really REALLY hope I’m wrong, I honestly do. And I hope that when I’m finished with the episode I can come back on here and come to terms to what has happened.

Well that’s it for now. Wish me luck guys, I’m going in 


All these previews…

I’m seriously upset. Not just because Blair is as indecisive and as confusing as ever and she obviously doesn’t know what she wants, but because the finale has basically been ruined for me. There is no more element of surprise anymore! I feel like I just watched the whole finale winded down into a nutshell. I’m not even excited anymore. And even if there is some kind of logical explanation for all this (even though I doubt it), I feel like if I’m rooting for either Dair or Chair this episode, I will be left disappointed.


Basically Blair is gonna spend the whole episode trying to convince herself and everyone else that she’s over Chuck, but she’s not. And she basically forced whatever feelings she had for Dan and making us all believe she actually had love for Dan



The writers used Dair as just an endgame obstacle, and that actually makes me really sad after all the buildup they had for them.


And then when she finally does acknowledge her feelings Chuck turns her down. For once in all of GG history, I am not on Blair’s side. I am team Duck all the way. Chuck and Dan both standing up for themselves would be about the only good thing about this finale. I want them to be like,


At least until she makes her decision.

Honestly, it’s not only the best for them, but for her too. She needs to make her mind up for good this time. And Dan and Chuck deserve some time away from her too. Maybe they could all even move on? Because this triangle isn’t even about who belongs together anymore, it’s about Blair returning back to Chuck every single time and not even caring about the consequences it will bring to anyone and who she drags along as she goes. I’m glad Chuck is finally being realistic about their relationship and Dan is standing up to her. At this point, if Blair chooses Dan it will be by default and I don’t want Dair to happen that way. And I don’t even know if I want Chair to reunite either. I just want Blair to stay alone until she makes up her freaking mind already.

And stop messing with my boy’s hearts. 



The only way I could see myself remotely happy with a Dair breakup and/or a Chair reunion:

If Blair runs straight into Chuck’s arms after breaking up with Dan I will be beyond upset.

I will understand if Blair tells Dan that maybe she doesn’t know what she feels for him, or Chuck for that matter, so she takes time off from both relationships in order to “figure things out.” Quite honestly I’d prefer that than her stringing Dan along. I figure she can end the season finale boyfriendless and spends the whole summer finding herself again before rushing into anything.

I want Dan and Blair together, but they need some time apart. She just needs to work on finding herself and situating her feelings first. I’d be beyond sad if Dair ended after such a short run though. But if the show is inevitably gonna end with Chair, I’d rather just have Dan and Blair breakup now instead of using Dan as just an obstacle with no hope for them (Dair) in the future. Even though honestly, it would be like wasted potential on the 2. Chuck and Blair had 5 seasons basically to shine, and for the most part? They just crashed and burned. I honestly thought Dan and Blair would’ve been given a real shot before Blair had to make such a drastic decision.

That being said, Dair is my OTP, but if Chair happens the right way, I won’t be upset either. (As long as Dan isn’t left moping around for her like some pathetic loser - Hopefully his writing career can take off and help him survive the breakup). It’s gonna take a lot more than 2 episodes of scheming together to make things right again for them  though, in my opinion. If her and Chuck do get back together again, it has to be in a timely fashion where it makes sense and they’ve both had time to grow.

And if Dair is endgame, the writers seriously need to give Chuck a new (lasting) love-interest. It’s ridiculous how Eva has been the only one even remotely close to making Chuck truly happy after all these seasons. Bring her back or bring on the Chivy romance! (A girl can be hopeful right?)

Either way, whatever goes down, I refuse to stop watching the show, even if things don’t go my way. I’ve been there since Season 1 and I sure as hell am not gonna let anything stop me from being there during the series finale.

S and B are going into World War III. Blair will have to choose between Chuck and Dan, but this time it’s not because anyone is begging her too it’s because they are both sick of being toyed with. Serena will exact her revenge for being a back story all season. Man bangs will look pretty. Lily will have to deal with the fact that she’s currently married to two men. Once a Rhodes girl, always a Rhodes girl. Dorota will be baller, naturally, and Georgina will return out of nowhere.
Predictions for the fifth season finale on

Am I the only one excited for Dair, Chair AND Derena next episode?

I mean I know it sounds weird, but the Dair/Chair/Derena interactions of 5X23 were so cute. They all have the same level of affection from me at this point. And while yes, given the way things are gonna go down next week aren’t exactly ideal for at least 2 of the 3 fandoms, I am gonna enjoy the 3 ships interactions to the fullest next week