1. AU: Dan and Blair get married and Blair gets pregnant soonafter. There are complications when Blair is giving birth and she dies, while the baby survives. The funeral comes and goes and Dan tries to make it without Blair to help him out in raising their son.


    "Dan we’re here for you man. Serena and me, whatever you need, you name it and we’re on it."

    Serena, who was by Nathan nodded softly.

    "And if you need us to take care of the baby - you know I have all the free time in the world for him. And Nate promised to help out too." she added.

    She tried to smile, but it just looked like she was trying too hard to force something that wasn’t there. He tried to say something back to the both of them, a “thank you”, anything. But he couldn’t. And as they were leaving Nate looked back one last time at him.

    "You’re not the only one who lost her man. We need to be here for each other. And not just because that’s what she would’ve wanted, but it’s what your son needs right now too."

    The pair left without saying anything else and the emptiness that filled the loft was almost too overwhelming to bear. But Nate’s word’s kept repeating themselves in his head: It’s what your son needs right now.

    Dan looked over to his room where the door was half-way open. He could see his son sound asleep in the over-priced crib that Eleanor had bought for them and insisted was “fit for a Waldorf baby”


    Another reminder that she was gone; They never got to name their son together.

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